Accessibiliity, Inclusion and Safety


At Kalinya, we want you to be able to have everyone who is special to you at your celebrations. We want ALL of your guests to feel comfortable, pampered and included, regardless of their ability, background, sexuality or age. From parents with babies, through to grandparents with walkers, we have tried to provide everything you will need.

Since Kalinya Estate is a private estate, your gatherings can be as safe as possible, including immune compromised guests. You will only be onsite with the other people in your booking, during your time at the estate. In between bookings, the estate is thoroughly cleaned, and our event spaces are located among the fresh air and gardens. Our goal is to make everyone safe, comfortable, and relaxed.

Detailed Accessibility Guide

With the help of Accessibility specialists, we have put together detailed accessibility guides to make planning for your special occasions super easy. Please get in touch if you have any requirements prior to your stay, so we can have everything you need ready to go for when you arrive.

We have Accommodation Guides for those staying in the houses at the estate, and Function Guides for those attending the estate for a one day event (Wedding, birthday, wake, etc). Please indicate what accessibility information you require for planning your visit.


Increasing Accessibility

At Kalinya Estate we have worked hard to increase accessibility in the following ways.


  • Integrated accessibility into our mission, policies, and procurement practices.
  • Incorporated accessibility into our booking system.
  • Offer information in the form of an Accessibility Guide to help you book with confidence.
  • Provide ongoing accessibility training for our staff.
  • Tailor each experience for guests with access needs; including the arrangement of rooms and provision of adaptive equipment.
  • Modified the venue to include accessible features such as paved pathways, accessible toilets, bathrooms, and ramp access.

Accessibility Limitations

We are aware that due to the historic nature of the estate, it is hard to make every part as accessible as a modern facility. But we are working hard to continually improve accessibility throughout the Estate and so are planning to overcome the following limitations.

  • Areas throughout the Estate are not fully wheelchair accessible, including part of the Games facilities in the barn, the Terrace and some areas of the accommodation.
  • We do not have a continuous path of travel throughout the estate, limiting access to the pool and arena.
  • We do not have a hoist available for access to the pool.
    At the moment, we do not have an accessible toilet on site; however, we are in the process of installing one.


Kalinya Estate is committed to offering a more accessible and inclusive experience for all guests.

Please help us to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Get in contact to share your thoughts and ideas with us. If you have any accessibility requirements, we will do our best to support you to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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Acknowledgement of Country

When you come to stay with us at Kalinya Estate, you will be welcomed and cared for on the land of the Dharawal people. We acknowledge that we work, rest and play on the land of the oldest known civilisation on earth. We honour their culture and love for our environment and we pay our respects to their elders past, present and future.